06.02.03 :: 4:26 pm

Also, how on earth is it possible for UHaul not to have any trucks available for when I want to move?

Hasn't it been statistically verified that there are at least four goddamned trucks per person in the city of Manhattan alone?

I mean, my GOD.

Now I've got a cache of 2,093,842,974,839 requests and undoubtedly, the same number of confirmation/denied emails are going to flood my inbox.

I hate moving.

I don't think you gathered that yet.

I hate moving and I hate everything involved with moving and I hate boxes and packing tape and driver's insurance and people.

Above all else, I hate people.

Which reminds me of this funny exchange that occurred in Ruby's living room:

Me: (super cheerfully) I can't wait to get back into the dating scene!!!
Her roommate: Really?
Me: (super cheerfully) No.

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