06.11.02 :: 10:51 am

On another note, it's been exactly one year to the day that we got back together. Go ahead, go back and read the archives, if you're into the excrutiating minutiae; I'm too lazy to link. But, yeah. This time last year with twelvethousandfour tons more extra super drama.

We're practically weightless now.

The ring's magnetized to the sky, I'm floating right on top overhead from that mess of yore.

And whatnot.

I do still get jitters. Like, sit across the couch and stare and think "This means forever, you know, you bought the dress and veil and stuff. This ring is infinity plus one, no take-backs. We're telling everybody with holy ceremonials that hey yeah sixty-some years of constant togetherness is where it's at. Dishes and children and laundry and aging and disease and wrinkles and fights and sex-no-sex all under one roof from now until one or the other or we both die."

But then he'll shoot me just one of his smiles and I think,

"Fucking sweet."

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