01.16.09 :: 9:44 pm

here is the Moment of Huzzah!! for this month:

Ryan got a job!
I KNOW. It's about time one of us got our shit together, right? Well, he did. And did we ever really doubt for a second he wouldn't come through first?
Anyway, I won't get into details because his employment hinges on passing the background check and the drug test and I'm not even sure how long it takes for crack to leave the system or if his stint in San Quentin is going to be a problem but suffice it to say his new employers' generosity is now allowing me to laze about in pajamas with Oliver all day long and not worry about getting my ass in gear until I find something I really enjoy doing.

Hallelujah! Saints above!

Now I really want another baby. Hello.
In three or four years, of course. But I totally want to get back on that hellride again fo sho. This is my unmedicated brain talking of course. If I were of sound mind I probably would re-think this wretched idea.
Also, a woman of sound mind would probably celebrate her husband's employment with a drink and a toast and not daydream about another round of the 5,000 Dirty Diaper Game.

Speaking of the hellride, the little mister had his 6 month pediatric appointment a couple days ago and I think now is a good time to mention that according to statistics, my son is taller than 96% of babies his age.
He's basically in 12 month clothes and he's standing more or less on his own and we're thinking we should just contact the NBA pretty soon just so they can hold a spot for him.

I love him so much.

I also love that tomorrow Ry and I going out as a pair, a couple, a unit for the first time in ages and it's very exciting.

So happy right now.
So so retardedly happy.

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