05.01.06 :: 9:46 am

plans for getting ladyfaced went slightly pear-shaped when Miss Ruby Roo got shitfaced instead and it was a real New York adventure, I tell you, replete with numerous forty-second cab rides and walking down streets with names I'd never heard of and lychee martinis and cranktastic drunken announcements at upscale eating establishments ("This place fucking smells!!!")
what a night. All's well that ends well, though and I laid real low on Saturday night playing Silent Hill and scaring myself half to death.

Tried to make Lemur's cat, Mishima, befriend the Stoosh-dog again on Sunday at his barbecue but again, she was just not having it. Stoosh-dog got swatted across the face (as she so deserved) and that was that.

Back to the grind.
This coffee is churning my insides.

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