06.10.03 :: 9:26 am

I don't know why this never occurred to me, but the first two Friday the 13th movies really make no sense, and nor do they apologize for it.

I mean, I get it. I get that the mom is the killer in the first one, but there is no explanation of how Jason went from a drowned little boy to a full-grown adult mass murderer.

I really need to know how he was resurrected, even if it's a completely ridiculous premise.

THe movies just skip over this part.

Oh, he was dead and now he's alive and older and killing you. OK.

As a sidenote, I totally went to that camp in the 8th grade. We used to take field trips there and they made us do "bonding exercises" to get all of us girls closer together, much like Bunim-Murray sends the Real Worlders who can't get along to bonding classes.

Except whereas those fuckers only had to live with each other for four months, we were stuck with each other for years and years and years.

But I digress. So, yeah, Jason Voorhees. I don't know. I nitpick.

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