09.03.04 :: 5:45 pm

The results are in, and I am not allergic to anything at all whatsoever.

I have a delicious case of eczema, for which Dr. C loaded me up with an arsenal of medications/ointments. The man is hopeful. He believes we will have this problem under control in a month.

I think I'm a festering carcass of rotted meat, but hey. I'm not the one with the degree so what do I know.

Because I felt so bad about myself, my mother gave me an early birthday present: a glorious blue suede and brown leather weekend bag with a giant flower on it. For my trip to Connecticut this Sunday.

If anyone's got extra bucks lying around, I highly recommend this woman's work. Isabella Fiore is her name. Now go forth.

And I must now go forth unto the shower, which I have had to avoid for four days to protect the integrity of the patch test. I'm going to scrub and scrub and scrub...

you get the idea.

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