02.09.02 :: 10:07 am

There is something absolutely marvelous about waking up on a Saturday and knowing you don't have to be anywhere until 9:30 pm.

I clean this place with a cd playing and my booty shaking. all around. all around.

Tiny accomplishments and then I'll work on Ozwald's page.

It must be the longer daylight hours that have gotten to my head. That, and knowing that I will be on new pills starting tomorrow, and that is another marvelous thing.

For reasons pertaining to the bed area.

Last night, while watching Blind Date, I thought I'm very lucky to have found someone who doesn't talk about boobs or sports, and doesn't have better grooming habits that I do.

Beware of men who wax their eyebrows. I'm just sayin', "Cue the deer."

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