05.19.02 :: 1:26 pm

In my ongoing effort to keep myself from becoming that girl (you know, that girl at parties or social situations who gets too drunk and ends up puking or dancing naked), I had one vodka cran at Helen's surprise party and nursed it all night.

Consequently, I got bored and antsy, but stuck it out until past 1 AM.

The last three nights before that were a blur of two rock shows and a night out with the NYC Happy Hour Crew, and dancing and a total replacement of my blood with alcohol, yeah, so, I couldn't possibly do it again on Saturday. I would have required dialysis.

Today, I'm either helping to silkscreen panties for My Boy's upcoming tour, or just watching others do it. I'm such a good band wife.

We ate at IHOP this morning. And talked about circumcision.

It's almost June. And another one year anniversary is coming right up.

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