2001-06-13 :: 11:03 a.m.

I passed out at 11 last night, while my boy was playing Onimushi Warriors and I really wanted to stay up to see the levels I'd never gotten to, but my brain said no way and started shutting my body down until I was a drooling unmoveable mass on the couch.

Someone's having a birthday party this weekend, I think, and I was invited, which made me feel a little better about stuff.

Something tells me it won't be a disaster. Sometimes, you have friends you don't see often at all for whatever reason, but when you do hang out finally, it's all good.

I know Laurie was like that for me. I hadn't spoken to her in three years when I was in Chicago, but when we met up again, it was all running our shopping errands and art-supply-buying and diner talk like we hadn't had those three years apart.

Lucky is a good magazine. I'm liking the orange striped triangle bikini....

Anyway. What was I saying? Oh, yeah, old friends. They're you're real-life photo albums; never let you forget the best and worst times. Remind you of all the different you's you've been.

Something like that.

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