11.26.01 :: 3:42 pm

See, her picture is still up on his fridge, and though I don't hang out there that much, it still bothers me.

But, he's taking her down tonight, I think.
I wish this were true on more than just this one level.

It just keeps broiling inside me, this hatred. And I know I should let it slide, water off a duck's ass and such....but her assholish behavior blatantly directed at us...the asinine immaturity... and such a complete disregard for anyone other than herself...jeebus christmas!

Also, for seriously, she underestimates my propensity and love for violence. If she weren't so self-centered, I'd think she had a death wish.

Karma. Patience. All good things to those who wait.


I'd like to fly south with the birds some day.

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