09.21.03 :: 6:04 pm

My party freaking raged. THe place was jammed. There was so much dancing. And cupcakes. And booze.

And then someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around and it's Mark. He swans in looking like a bajillion bucks, like it's nothing at all, with this grin on his face like "whats up, sugar?" and his eyes all fuck me green and hello. MARK! I think I screamed. And then leapt up, he caught me, and I practically strangled him. I don't think I've ever been that ecstatic.. MARK! FLEW! IN! FROM! MICHIGAN! JUST! TO! COME! TO! MY! PARTY! AND! SURPRISE! ME!

I was totally fucking joking around when I said this. And like out of a teen movie, there he was.

Unfuckingbelievable! And I don't need to relay the rest. I am liking him something fierce, people. And he is leaving again today, smushing my heart into pulp.

That being said, I have awesome friends. I got 2 bottles of Jamesons, two kickass pairs of socks, an adorable scarf, and a buttload of handmade cards.

What a night. What an unbelievably awesome funtastic magniferiffic night.

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