08.18.03 :: 11:33 am

Very unsettling dream last night about my mother and I sleeping on a big fluffy mattress on the roof of a 200-story building.

The roof was as wide as a Queen sized bed. And there were no guard rails.

I have no idea what the hell we were doing up there in our nighties, but there we were. And I clutched my pillow as a breeze blew over us, threatening to knock me over the edge.

A plane casually cruised by, and we could clearly see the people in the little windows. I waved. They waved back. It was tremendously windy.

So I suggested we climb down one flight to the fire escape and my mother agreed.

It was horrifying.

I was dangling over the edge, barefoot, trying to grab onto the rusty handrail. Below me, clouds, and the vague likeness of a city.

We made it inside what appeared to be an office filled with people's belongings, like they had left in a rush.

I woke up shortly after looting the place.

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