11.30.04 :: 9:36 am

I exit Ryan's apartment this morning and am met with the film crew to end all film crews: mammoth trucks, planet-sized floodlights, miles of cables and craft service tables, and an army of people with walkie-talkies.

Turns out, Spielberg is directing "War of the Worlds" right in our 'hood.

"Is it a re-enactment of the original, or is it a movie based on the broadcast?" was Ryan's question.

I couldn't find out.

I was shuffled out of the way by some disgruntled, underpaid P.A.'s before I kenw what was happening.

Anyhoo. Hopefully, that insanity wraps up soon.

Spielberg or no Spielberg, I find movie crews incredibly annoying and disruptive. I might be the only one. But I suppose that's what almost thirty years of New York living does to you.

In other news, I am so on cruise control at work. It's retarded. I'm like Costanza taking naps under my desk.

It's absolutely glorious. And after work today, mama's goin' shoppin'!!!

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