02.12.02 :: 1:39 pm

OK, so he's okay. Man, I will never stop worrying after him when he is not near me. This we just have to learn to live with.

All quiet on the western front, in work news. No one is hear, hardly. I couldn't muster the energy to care less.

Port Authority was evacuated this morning, which explains my sitting on a bus for an hour and a half in front on the Lincoln Tunnel.

It's gonna be a Valentine's Day of viewing the awesomeness of Sweettit's art project she made with her hubby. And of drinking cheap wine with my girl, Ruby.

And not being lonely.

A couple of nights ago, we watched some black and white horror film with starring a lady who closely resembled his ex.

He told me he thought the ex had a 1930's movie star quality to her face, which I suppose could be true, but it's not something I needed to hear right before Valentine's Day and it made me want to hack my lopsided face off for about twelve minutes, until I realized that beauty is meaningless when there is no soul in that empty, unkind, rattling cage of hers.

I pick ten million ugly years to one nanosecond of her life.

When he comes back on Friday, we celebrate.

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