03.04.05 :: 1:03 pm

i am ready to take on this weekend. it could just be the cough syrup dripping thickly in my veins, but i'm feeling much much better and i missed my good friend booze.
ever so much.

it's a peaceful work day.

i'm currently dissecting every single plot in Deadwood with Ryan's mom over email.

I've got a cup of fruit and granola and yogurt.
I feel good.

Last night, I did the next level up in Tae Bo (lame, but whatever, it works!) and I sweat my ass off so bad, I could feel the heat pulsing off my cheeks.

I put all my Superchunk albums onto my iPod last night and it was the best feeling of nostalgia listening to them again this morning after so many years.
They remind me of college so bad.
Life was so fucking easy back then.

I can't believe it's March. '05.

Feel like I need ropes to swing around my life to slow it down, digging my heels the entire way.

Spring can hurry up but then hang out for a really long, languid time if it wants.

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