11.29.04 :: 11:01 am

So the dress code over at Puffy Headquarters is all black, which I thought was kind of bizarre since Puffy is into the all white thing.

Mostly, I was just hoping for an excuse to get issued some awesome white wooly floor-length coats and bling the size of a baby's fist.

But anyway.
This poses a problem for me, wardrobe-wise, because contrary to popular belief re: New Yorkers, my closet is not a sea of black.

I have maybe one pair of good black pants. And possibly two good black sweaters.

So for my early Christmas present, my mother is presenting me with cold hard cash with which I am to buy reasonably priced, yet nice black office clothing. Including a black suit.

It's going to be immensely difficult reigning in the all-encompassing desire to run thorugh Bloomingdale's like a madwoman, but I'm gonna try.

I'm gonna fall into the Gap this week. The horror.

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