11.08.03 :: 10:44 am

Most lovely time out with the Eye Doctor last night.

Went to a bar up in his 'hood called Moe's, where they served Duff beer, amusingly enough, and we talked and laughed and we still have so very little in common except horrible, cheating exes, but God what a fun time.

Then we went back to his apartment, which is full of skylights and brick walls and hardwood floors and we watched the Royal Tenenbaums and fell asleep spooning.

Not a bad end to a great night.

In the morning, we made out like teenagers and then he bought me eggs and coffee. He also drove me home, and on the way talked about the powerpoint presentation he has to give on Monday regarding cataract research.

"That is so hot," I said.

"Irresistable," he said.

I like his smile. I like that there are all these layers, slowly slowly peeling back.

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