09.27.04 :: 9:50 am

I don't know what Moo was stressing about. His parents are really cool, fun people.
Pa Moo has partial hearing loss in one ear from years of sawing and jackhammering, and Ma Moo will ask him "are you going to finish that?" and when she gets no reply, she just shrugs and helps herself to whatever's on his plate.

In more frightening news, I'm feeling restless. Like, the second I'm in a relationship that's going well and has no significant problems, I get a heavy case of "fight or flight" and the Ol' Wandering Eye.

What the fuck is my problem? Like I didn't spend a year wailing about how it sucks to be single and then I get handed a fantastic boyfriend and now I'm acting like a complete spastic.

Hopefully, this will pass.

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