09.01.05 :: 10:03 am

i can't remember the last time i laughed so hard and so long. (that sounds upsettingly dirrrrty...)

yes. the whorenuns had a fabulous night out. dinner and cocktails and discussions of movie we should definitely make.

Like the one about "Nannydome"

and the other one about some hapless fan-club members who resuscitate the career of a former child star/heartthrob who has fallen into a downward spiral after coming out of rehab. Hello, Corey Haim.

And then Rubycakes and I went to a bar and browsed the good-looking men, one of whom made a beeline for the redheaded rockstar (that she is)...

later Doc met us there. I like that cat. He's like the perfect guy friend. Him and Lemur, of course.

Today, Ryan and I head on over to stuart moore to pick out the right size stone (ahem!) for my ring.

I'm on cruise control. This is exactly where I want to be.

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