07.06.03 :: 12:19 am

This is the one in which I ponder about my ability to fool around with someone and then not give three poops the next day.

The catch-22 in such a scenario is that I have become completely and utterly irresistable.

I fluctuate between feeling like I'm a big dirty user, and being this with-it, cool, in-control hotmama.

I miss the exact type of company my ex gives. He is always right on my wavelength when it comes to hanging out.

But there's really no point in lamenting the why's and the how-it-could-have-been's.

Instead, focus on now. And right now is alright. I've installed the AC, I'm sittin' pretty, and tomorrow I'm going for a bike ride.

My grape popsicle and I bid you goodnight.

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