12.12.01 :: 12:51 pm

With the onset of a boy-ful apartment, I need all the estrogen I can get.

Last night was a start, watching the six new episodes of "Sex and the City" with Jersey Jean at her house. So what if there were boys there? Shane is probably more of a lady than I am, let's face facts.

Next week, a holiday gift-exchanging party at Senorita Tits' pad, where I will be debuting one of my ultra-girlie skills: baking. Hopefully no one will laugh, or die.

And now more than ever, I am having Whorenun withdrawal.

One of these Saturdays we're boozing/Don Hilling. No two ways about it, sistafriends.

So. Diet Coke with lemon now comes in a can, as does regular Pepsi.

My dreams of buying dirty martinis in a can cannot be that far off. Yes, olives included.

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