2001-08-09 :: 5:51 p.m.

"Hi, this is Dr. Cavalli's office and we just got your results in. Please call before five if you can. If not, please call us tomorrow morning. Hope to talk to you soon. Thank you."

OK, for the record? You are NOT allowed to leave a message like that on my machine unless you specify GOOD or BAD news. Because that ambiguous shit with the slightly frantic/concerned tone of voice will keep me up all night. Careless Esperanza, doctor's assistant from hell. I hate you.

Today at the beach, there were trillions upon trillions of floating, dead jellyfish eggs. The ocean was teeming with them, those itty bitty pieces of jelly bulbs, like clear caviar. Kind of oogy, kind of interesting. They had what appeared to be forming tentacles, and a single solitary cell in their squooshy center, like a grain of sand.

On my way home, I saw a man with a hole in his throat.

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