10.14.01 :: 12:04 pm

It started out all badly last night, wandering around Brooklyn, lost, looking for a building number that didn't exist. Crankiness ensued, and that mixed with Jack Daniels from a flask was a recipe for disaster. My Boy and I got ino a tiny spat, but I guess things picked up around the subway station when we saw two boys looking around, visibly lost, and we followed them until they found the party.

It was a kegger.

A college kegger. People were doing beer bongs. I haven't seen that happen since, fucking, 1992.

Easily, My Boy, Trixi, Ruby, and I were the oldest people there. Easily. Some 18 year old boy asked to see my ID because he couldn't believe that I was already in rollerskates and bruises and doing long division when he was conceived.


Ruby eyed some blue eyed 20 year old and set her lovebeam on high and wound up snatching him away from some potato-faced girl with a huge ass. Go, Ruby.

Drunken revelry on the train ride home, while Dirty climbed poles and got his picture taken by strangers who were in awe of his athletic ability and loud energy at 3:35 AM, and his beer gut.

But My Boy was still kinda miffed at me this morning. Because he doesn't like it when I publicly display my bad feelings. He's gotten over it, though, while on his walk to work, because he figured out why he doesn't like The Strokes and it makes him feel better. That, and he loves talking about the movie "Just Visiting," so to make it up to him for being so fucking crankydrunk, I'm gonna get the hanger steak from work, cooked to perfection, and not even bat an eye at the price. Yummy.

Adult Swim is on tonight. I can't think of a better way to watch it than with steak juices pouring down my face.

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