04.18.06 :: 2:19 pm

an entire weekend spent with my mother and future in-laws wasn't so bad and was tempered by being steeped in wines and fattening foods but I think I still need a night out.
Ryan's still in Cali, shopping and taking some more well-deserved time off and I have the house to myself until Friday where I will exhibit all my single girl behavior to the fullest.

Like doing tae-bo in the bedroom to 80's music, ordering filthy chinese takeout and eating it in bed, and other heretofore unwitnessed actions that would mystify the significant other.

In other news, I'm pretending that this isn't happening until I'm standing at the airport weeping like a lost kid at the department store.

It's not that I don't understand or am not happy for her fun new adventures, but girl.... you my best friend. and everything i won't write here. and all that.

it will be lonely, as there are but scant few people who really and truly understand the necessity of pickling our tongues with margaritas and talking about everything for hour, or getting dressed up for the fuck of it and dancing like we mean it, or lazing about hungover watching movies, and all that, all that, all that.

I've lived here my whole life and never had a BFF until she rock and rolled her texas-sized awesomeness into the picture six years ago.

london is really far to pop over and drink forties on your stoop. But for you, Miss Ruby Red Foxxy Mama Bootifoool, anything.

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