03.31.02 :: 8:51 pm

Though the weekend didn't quite end up exactly as planned, there were many other fun surprises, like hanging out with the Heartdrops after a two-set night in Queens, and talking to Drummer Boy and everything being really, very excellent and fun.

I am so glad we are one of the examples of people who remain on friendly terms post breakup. That's a great feeling.

Today. Today. I am stuffed from eating a meal of Thanksgiving-like proportion at Sweettit's and her hubby's house. I love those drunken get togethers revolving around big meals and music and retarded-funny movies like "Pootie Tang."

Quote of the evening:

Mike T: "There are things I regret about last weekend..."

Philly Mike: "Oh, you mean like drinking and blacking out and not remembering anything?"

Shane: "Ahhhh, Tuesday."

Shit doesn't get better these days. And I'm pretty confident this is the cruise control setting I've been waiting for. No rugs getting pulled out from under us, we're set and there's more good things to come.

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