09.08.05 :: 8:22 pm

Richard's here. HI RICHARD! COME ON IN! AGAIN!

Aaaaaanyhow. I mistakenly bought the wrong size jeans today and I don't know why it's upsetting me so much that I thought I was a size smaller.
Oh, wait, I know why. Because I'm just coming off of two weeks straight with my Body Dysmorphic cousin who eats only leafy greens, broccoli, and chicken.

It's like, whenever she was around, no matter how awesome I felt or looked, no matter how cute my ass was in my own pair of skinny jeans ... I automatically felt bad.

what the fuck. hello.
And then! And then when I enjoyed a particularly fantastic plate of spaghetti, she was like "I can't believe you ate all that."
It wasn't even heaping or overflowing off the edges! it was a regular sized portion!

Hopefully, getting back into the swing of my Slothful American Lifestyle will push all these negative feelings out of my head.
I have nothing to feel shitty about, OK!? OK!

So. Off to Buttermilk with Lemur. Who, in other news, is taking over the lease in my apartment.
This makes me happy because it means I'll still have a deck to go to in the summers, and, well... it's a good party pad. And, most importantly, I love this place dearly and am glad it's not going to be in the hands of total strangers after I leave.

Dang. Stars is a really good band. FYI.

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