10.06.04 :: 10:00 am

Also! From the "OH NO SHE DI'INT!" files.
My cubemate, the one who has no idea who Marlon Brando was, just gave me shit for buyng coffee from the little cafe downstairs in our building.
Conversation as follows:

"But the coffee is free here,"
"But the coffee is warmed over hot dog water here."
"No it's not, you're just picky."
"I'm not, really. But I can tell the difference between a regular cup of coffee and watered down misery."
"So you're gonna spend five bucks to get the frou-frou kind?"
"It's not five bucks. It's one dollar. And yes, I'm spending it because I like drinking coffee, not coffee-water."
"Well, aren't you Miss Fancy Pants?"

I wanted to be like, "And aren't you voting for Bush? I find that to be way more absurd and morally reprehensible than my coffee drinking habits, thanks."

JESUS. I mean, for REAL.

If you live in New York, there are certain things you just DO. Out of principle. Out of respect for the city and for yourself, dammit.
One of those things is knowing where to get a GOOD hot cup of coffee.

She drinks company coffee and she's voting for Bush.

OK, seriously. WHAT is she doing in this city???! I mean, BESIDES aggravating me before 11 AM??

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