04.02.08 :: 11:06 am

so, remember when Britney walked around town with no pants on?

Apparently, we're having a similar wardrobe malfunction at work today.
Indeed, Winnie has forgotten to dress her bottom half (save for shoes).

I can't stop staring in disbelief. I can see her butt! I am presently SEEING. HER. ASS CHEEKS.

She must have gotten solicited like a thousand times between the parking lot and her desk.

Brazen flaunting or sheer dumbness? YOU DECIDE.

Another thing I've noticed about this office, in general, is that people really don't care about music. At all. Which is strange considering Bigwig is a brand firmly rooted in rock 'n roll.

What I mean by this is people will let their ipod play and the rotation is only about 25 songs, all repeating over and over again into infinity.
No one really cares about music.
It's just background noise.

This is pretty depressing to me.

I don't think I could live listening to the same 25 songs on repeat. Especially if they're sung by Jewel or the Cranberries.

Welcome to my nightmare.

Not only that, but no one uses the shuffle button! So I know that after this atrocious cover of Gnarls Barkley's already iffy "Crazy" I'm going to hear the entire Bravery album followed by James Blunt's "Beautiful" followed by the Beatles' "All You Need is Love" followed by the Cranberries' "Zombie" ...

all day, every day.
all day, every day.

No one here actually listens to music. Or even LIKES music. It's really dumbfounding.

And, in the final third installment of "REALLY CRAZY BIGWIG HAPPENINGS":
instead of the CEO, you know, getting his shit together and showing up to meetings on time and not letting people interrupt meetings with other meetings, the brain trusts here have come up with a solution:

Restaurant pagers.

Oh, you read that right.
You schedule a meeting with the CEO and you get handed a restaurant buzzer thingy.
You know, to let you know when your table is ready.

Quite honestly, I thought I was being Punk'd.
But it's dead serious.
When the CEO is ready for you, you'll get buzzed.

Why not just USE THE PHONE then, instead of this really humiliating, idiotic table buzzer?

Things can only get stupider from here!

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