2001-07-12 :: 10:35 a.m.

I just inhaled deeply and caught a throat-full of perfume. Now I'm tasting it in the back of my mouth.

Thus begins a regular day in this grief hole.

Shit that's good, however are as follows: the weekend, the RFTC show at Maxwell's, Florida with My Boy, unemployment, three weeks in Greece...

Talk to me, summer!

I am not going to worry about my impending unemployment. Not gonna let it stress me. I'm fine. I've got a stash of cash to live on for a few months, I'll find something as soon as I get back from the islands of Greece.... man that's going to be hard, coming back.

In other news, I fell asleep during Dude, Where's My Car? last night, which is really not that surprising, but it's funny because I wasn't even stoned.

I need to find someone to play online backgammon with me. Now.

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