12.07.03 :: 3:07 pm

When two really ridiculous and emotionally stunted people find each other, it does the dating pool a great service.

I thank them both, and hope they never break up and unleash their stupidity onto others.

That being said, he is out of my life indefinitely. I don't think I'll be missing him half as much as I thought I would. This is such a huge relief.

I was very very blind to his immaturity and obnoxious behavior when we were together.

And I put up with a lot of unecessary bullshit because I was worried that being alone would be worse.

Oh my God, how wrong I was. I'm fucking free of the non-stop idiocy and it's really starting to feel good.


Last night, Carla, her boyfriend TB, Marty, and I went to my favorite neighborhood dive where we got smashed on Jameson and played a raucous and hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit.

After about seven rounds, things started devolving quickly.

"What book did Billy Dee Williams write about kitties and Fresh Direct?"


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