03.25.02 :: 9:14 am

Drunk in the morning.

After an evening of the rock and roll at Under Acme, I am drunk in the morning and this 20 oz. of Coke to settle my stomach is not really helping.

I need massive doses of sleep, saltines, and the boy. Right now.

His insane ex-girlfriend's roommate was at the show last night, and for a second we thought the ex might not be far behind, but she didn't show up and all was fine and good, and I actually think the roommate is pretty cool. I mean, she's in STOMP for God's sake, and she sings really well. I liked her. It's too bad about the whole mess, really, because I would so want to be in her band. But whatever.

Rock and roll, so yes. The show was fun, per usual, and per usual I drank too much.

Why oh why did I agree to take the flask with me?

Now I fight the urge to puke, and see if I can steal a quick nap on the couch in the 40th floor ladies' room.

Off I go.

Oh, and because it's going to be that kind of day, I can feel it, here's the random surrealism generator, to perfectly describe it:

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