2001-07-18 :: 10:03 a.m.

3:30 am phone calls of the "I love you, I'm naked, I'm drunk," variety always make me smile, even if I'm in a fog at work all day because of them.

Maybe after work today, if I'm functioning, I will accompany my Ruby to her work party at a bar. 79th Street Boat Basin in Central Park. I've been there, I think. My Boy and I rented a boat and paddled around one summer. Him, me, and the Village Voice. We weren't dating then, we were just friends. It was one of the best Augusts ever.

In three days, I will be enjoying the Siren Music Fest and the Coney Island sunshine with my Nuns, Miss Sweet Titties, and a bunch of other people who rock.

And this Nun is just so glad that the sun will come out from behind the curtain of clouds to make out with me. Yeeehaaa!

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