07.06.05 :: 11:15 am

our boss resigned yesterday.

after getting torn a new one for no particular reason (other than those pertaining to tantrums thrown by a self-obsessed has-been) she said "I'm not coming back," and settled a nice severance package for herself (i'm assuming).

So now we're all sitting here, while everyone looks at us and thinks, "how can one team fuck something up so bad?"

when, in reality, this project was doomed from the beginning.

And the Up-On-Highs were no help to us, either. Instead of support, they sold us out. They made promises on things we were not able to deliver and then blamed us when we said "we can't deliver."

Maybe there's a severance package for me in my future.

It won't be so bad. I could pay off some bills and take a break from the maddening 9-5 schedule.

I don't know what's going to happen.

But it's exciting. Kemper, our creative director, told the president of the entire company that he "can go suck a cock," and it was so deserved and so appalling and awesome.

I have a headache right now behind my right eye.

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