10.01.01 :: 9:34 pm

The mess on my desk here at home has reached critical mass. Mostly, just papers with HTML scribblings on them, shit like "bgcolor" and other really boring stuff that I'm trying to wrap my brain around, but I've managed to design a page I really like and it makes me think of cotton candy and Coney Island.

So there.

Dog snores in next room.

My Boy got a haircut all hottie-tottie-style, sticking up, itty sideburns, cutie pie he's gettin' some, poor thing, all bruised and lovebitten.

This is what's great about the time right now: flannel and soup. A good clean cold breeze and the Stoosh dog warms my feet.

All these fuzzy feelings are so not like me. Have I been dosed?

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