01.10.09 :: 7:16 pm

the Body Transformation Project soldiers on and I've been too wrapped up in treadmill inclines and interval increments and heart rate and caloric intake to notice that I haven't taken a shit in over a week.

This is bad, people. BAD. The last time my bowels went into a coma like this I was pregnant. I couldn't take ex-lax then but I'm ready to dive headfirst into a package now because the homeopathic teas are not working.

Poo issues aside and onto canine health issues, our favorite senior citizen has to go to the vet on Monday for surgery to remove her right tear duct. For it got inflamed and spilled out of her eye and has been dangling there for quite some time.

It wasn't bothering her and last time we went to the vet, she suggested we just keep an eye on it and if it got worse to go ahead and schedule the surgery.

Well, this morning she scratched at it and unleashed about ten pints of blood all over the apartment. We were chasing her with washcloths and sustaining bites while trying to put pressure on the wound. Finally, she relented and Ryan fashioned an eye patch for her out of gauze and tape when the bleeding subsided.

So yeah. Our dog, ladies and gentleman. A steaming hot mess.

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