09.19.01 :: 3:24 pm

I make no other requests for my birthday on Saturday. Just put on your dancing shoes. Party/bar first, Don Hill's next. You know you want to be there. And you should be. And you. Unleash your inner disco mama with me.

Ruby would like for me to invite Puzzleboy because he's a single, happening guy. I should invite all my exes, just pool them together, and distribute to the Nunnery. Those little vultures of love.

Today, at work, we got an email saying that everyone will be given an "emergency kit," and to keep it in our desks, you know, in case of emergency, duh.

Besides basic stuff like a mini flashlight and gauze pads and whatnot, there will be included: One (1) pair of safety goggles and one (1) gas mask.

For! Real!

These are some troubled times, b.

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