05.08.08 :: 9:49 am

We got a registry gift in the mail yesterday - our first! A carseat! With an adorable dinosaur print! Oh god, I'm raving about a carseat!

I assmebled it easily, now it remains to be seen how capable we are of installing it in the car.

Also, I realize that I haven't complained about Winnie hardly at all this week. So here it comes, protect yourselves: She's such a stupid waste of tits. Everything she says comes out sounding like a bad impersonation of a dumb blonde. Except she's not acting. Compound that by her completely inappropriate laugh and taste in clothing and you've got one hot tranny mess.

I'm beginning to suspect that she's cultivated that laugh over the years to make up for her utter lack of personality.
This HAS to be the case. No one can laugh that obnoxiously, know that it's obnoxious, and not do anything to tone it down.

I hate her. With everything that holds me together, I hate her and wish to vanquish and banish her from Earth forever.

Lastly, how appropriate is this Monty Python skit as a metaphor for Hilary Clinton's crazed perserverance?


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