11.23.01 :: 3:30 pm

There's still something about driving back towards New York on -- what is it, I 80? -- that is so welcoming. That skyline can't be topped.

Thanksgiving involved the most amazing sweet potatoes I've ever ingested: they were cooked in BOURBON. Bourbon, folks. I can't even describe it but I was home. Also, we spent a lot of time keeping Stoosh-dog away from Finnegan, My Boy's brother's dog. Finnegan is a big fucking Airedale, who looks shockingly like a muppet. And he would love to bother Stoosh-dog, and provoke her to the point that she was so pissed off she was ready to tear his head off.

Luckily, no major damage and it was relatively quiet. But the stereo begging that went on during dinner was unreal.

What is it about other places than my bedroom or his bedroom that revs us up like high school kids, I'll never know. But it does. Anyway. That's another story.

I stood on the bathroom scale this morning and I was shocked-- SHOCKED! I''ve definitely entered the "domestic bliss" portion of my life. Definitely. Who's ass is this? Oh.. mine. Oh my good God!

Anyway. Onto more productive things. Templates, book reading. Digesting.

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