11.08.08 :: 8:55 pm

happy 4 month birthday to my tater totsy. the entry you deserve is in the works, i promise.

god i am just having a time.

it's so good to be back. it rained today, good and proper, and it was awesome. the buildings' windows were dim in the mist and everything just looked so quiet and haunting.

and i bought a dress for myself because i found out that my unemployment benefits are good to go here in new york and then ryan and i went out to dinner like the old days and just went to town on some lamb and gnocchi and goat cheese cheesecake and prosecco and a bunch of other stuff i can't remember but it was all so absolutely gut-busting and delicious.

everything is just farting out roses and rainbows. this genius little city has put on quite the welcome back show.

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