03.01.06 :: 1:51 pm

like i said to my pal the creative director today, "if my home life weren't so richly satisfying, i'd have swallowed rat poison a long time ago."

yes. i'm very upset with my boss, the way she speaks to me and to people in general, and the utter lack of humanity in her.

and i know from lack of humanity.
i laugh at terrible things.

but she's about fourteen seconds away from sprouting a tail and horns.

the throwing of things at her assistant, the constant need to belittle the shit out of people... it's pretty depressing.

i don't like being depressed at work.

my skin is suffering.

that said, this weekend will be my salvation. stoosh is turning 10, i'm having a small party, she's having treats and dog-cake, and i'm going on another shopping excursion.

things are always great friday evening through sunday night.

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