10.11.04 :: 9:46 am

Oh. My. God.

That was possibly THE BEST live show I've ever seen.

He strutted, he sassed, he threw his shirt into the crowd.

I sang along, in awe, the whole two hours. He sang the hits, he sang my faves, and his backing band was so fucking tight it's like they rehearsed their entire lives for that show.

Unfortunately, I forgot to hide my camera and it got promptly confiscated by security, but I don't think I'll soon forget the image of The Man swinging the microphone in front of a backdrop of ten foot tall letters spelling out MORRISSEY in red lights.

Dude. Just. Wow.

On the subway ride back, Lemur and I gawked at the bizarre hipster types that were at the show.
And, in what proves to be the funniest statement of the decade, Lemur observed:

"You know a subculture's pretty fucked if it encourages its followers to dress like demonic bowling moms."


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