01.06.06 :: 11:05 am

ryan did something for me yesterday that i can't even begin to understand and properly thank him for.

he got a loan, and at the end of the month is erasing all my debt.

i'll be paying him a small sum and over the course of five years (with a fixed 5% interest - better than any credit card!) it will be repayed.

he said "when we're married, your debt is my debt, so let's just take care of this and be done."

Debt-free in '06.
Can you fucking believe it?
I owe Visa, Discover, and Sallie Mae nothing more ever ever ever as long as I live.

i am so thrilled, humbled, and ashamed all at once.

and you wouldn't believe how long it took me to cancel my credit cards over the phone yesterday. those people do not want to fucking let you go, that's for sure.

fuck them. i'm free!

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