06.12.03 :: 1:47 pm

I think it takes brass balls to blast such horrible music from your office.

You are fearless, absolutely shameless, and retarded.


Today they gave someone a kickass new computer complete with speakers and like 935824098093e gigs of memory and she's got an mp3 player going and it's a sleek black computer with silver accents and it's a pretty thing, it is.

I asked her why she was allowed this extravagant upgrade and she said because her old computer was an ancient piece of crap.

So here I am, sitting in front of this Dell, one of the first ones ever made, with the food stains on the keyboard and the mouse that only works when it's raining and the monitor you have to pound six times on one side, four times on the other to get the vibrating screen to stop and I wonder.

I just wonder.

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