2001-07-23 :: 12:17 p.m.

Unemployment Day One:

WHOooOOoooOooOooh!! Sun! Doggie company! Books! Music! Sparking clean apartment! Nobody telling me what to do and then telling me how badly I did it!

Can I get paid for this? Is there a job where I can just be exactly like this? I didn't think so.

Anyway. I just finished the laundry. The Asian lady who owns the laundromat and used to wash my clothes back in the days when I had money knows a little too much about me because of this fact.

"You have dog?"
"I know because hair all over sheets."
"Yeah, she likes to sleep in the bed with me."

"You have boyfriend?"
"I know because sexy black underwear."

OK that was a joke, but sometimes, I wonder what she wonders.

Tonight, we go chill at Bryant Park and watch "Rear Window." Paging My Nuns, and this lady and that lady.

I find these days hard to live through without grinning like mad. Man I love these fireworks.

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