12.19.01 :: 11:18 am

What a whirlwind two days.

Boxes almost unpacked and the place is looking palacial and glorious.

Now, if we can only get the hot water to turn on. Hmmm.

Oh, and I'm engaged ??! This is simultaneously funny, startling, awesome, and surreal.

I come to work and, of course, all hell has broken loose. But whatever because you know why? See yesterday.

There's my yes and wow.

Getting ready for her holiday party is fun. Buy a gift, get a gift and hopefully, my cake will turn out alright.

And I'm looking forward to our housewarming party. I will be the drunkest hostess this side of the Hudson river.

Last night, through the genius that is My Boy, we got to watch Shipmates even though our cable isn't hooked up.

My stomach ache today is courtesy of Crunch n Munch.

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