05.21.07 :: 6:47 pm

Day 1 at Bigwig's down.
And I've made an awesome start, I believe.

Of but first thing's first. I will never, not ever, ever in twelve million years, abide by the 405.
I cannot live like this. People. This is a disastrous excuse for a viable commuting option.
I'm surprised more people are not throwing themselves bodily out of their car windows while driving - no, i should say crawling - on this road.

Suffice it to say, I will have to figure out a better route to work.

Other than that, shit went swimmingly.
I'm basically creating a cosmetics line with 2 other girls, and already we got along like peas an' effin' carrots.
My job for the week is coming up with what to call everything.
Shade names AND product names.

Which is probably the coolest thing I've ever been entrusted with.

Also. I get my first 2 free pairs of kickass jeans this Friday.

The "office" is basically in the warehouse where they sew their own first production samples. It's fucking cool.

Although, my love of the soft whir of sewing machines will probably wane in the next coming year but for now, it's kind of a quirky little novelty that I'm fond of.

Also on my plate: finding a super-duper designer to create all of our outer packaging. I love having this authority. It's really fucking liberating.

And I love how creative I get to be.


More later. I've got to change and eat some din-dins.


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