01.22.04 :: 1:05 pm

So it was fun; my date last night.

We share a love of Jameson on the rocks, and uncommon, recessive traits such as left-handedness and attached earlobes.

I know what you're thinking: when do the invitations go out?

Anyway, we ate pizza at around 2 am and shared a Coke, whereupon our foreheads bashed together with a lovely sound as we both went in for our straws at the same time.

Then he lent me his hat for the walk to Houston street and hailed me a cab.

He's a pleasant mix of geeky awkwardness, smartaleck, and "I-don't-realize-how-cute-I-am" cool.

Maybe we'll hang out again. Who knows.

I'm riding this, the longest dating wave in my history, until it lands me somewhere at some point.

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