02.02.05 :: 10:16 pm

Songs take you so fucking far back sometimes.
I haven't heard "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by the Police since the 10th grade.

And so tonight, I'm in 10th grade. It's after school and it's raining and Danielle Young and I are dancing around her house after making a total mess of the kitchen.

And I can picture her house to this very day, except trying to remember her street and down her block in my memory forces it to somehow meld with the street I used to live on back then ...

but I remember that day.
We tried making brownies and somehow ended up getting chocolate on the ceiling when she mistakenly turned on the electric beaters before lowering them into the mix.

It's so weird because I haven't seen her since high school graduation or talked to her since then, either, but I know that this is one of those memories I'll always have with me.

Danielle Young. Her blue, used, trampy sports car. The Rain. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic." And a chocolate covered ceiling.

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