11.24.01 :: 11:06 pm

Listen: I bitch about the Saturday night shift, but the truth is, when manny smokes us out a tthe end of a long night, it's worth it.

I'm covered in some kind of mash potato/her aoili/tomato confit concoction, but, I'm high.

So it all balances out. The universe ... nah. I'm joking. Fuck the philosophy, it's time to dance!

Ohmy fucking GOD did I just hallucinate a MOUSE ??? Scurrying into my freaking motherfucking CLOSET??


Oh my God, this explains why my dog has spent HOURS staring at full attention in front of the stove and the heater.

I am so grossed out right now.

But wait, what if I'm just really really high?

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