01.18.02 :: 2:07 pm

OK, it's all about Dance Dance Revolution.

This game, sweet jesus, cracks me up and frustrates me ("This isn't real dancing! Who's feet move like that normally?!") and fascinates me.

Of course, we have the home version, but someday... soooomeday....

My preliminary sadness about not being able to get tickets to the Strokes' secret show has faded because My Boy made a good point: they're live show isn't all that great. They're of the "If You've Seen Them Once..." school of bands.

And while it would've been a fun night, I'm glad to be sparing my wallet a denuding of cash.

Now a prayer to the gods of hairstyle and cheeseball-esque qualities, that their patron saint Smitty finds it in his heart to cover for me tomorrow.


I can't wait to go home and dance.

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